G. Dišlers

NORDPLUS administrative meeting in September 25-26, Tartu, Estonia

The 2nd phase of the international NORDPLUS project „Climate Symbols in Theology and Art”, administered by LChrA, was marked by the administrative meeting in Tartu, Estonia. Participants were introduced to the Proceedings of the Project, recently published by Latvian Christian Academy. G.Dišlers from the Academy thanked all contributors, characterized the contents of articles. Further steps […]

Participation in the 3rd World Congress of Latvian Scientists

Rector of LChrA prof. S.Gūtmane and assist. prof. G.Dišlers attended the plenary session of the 3rd World Congress of Latvian Scientists „Science, society and national identity” and visiting session of the European Academy of Science and Art in the Rundâle palace, in October 24. Also G.Dišlers took part in the workshop „Changes of Latvian cultural […]

NORDPLUS meeting in Tartu, Estonia

The annual administrative meeting of the international NORDPLUS project „Climate Symbols in Theology and Art” was held in Tartu, Estonia, September 29-30. LChrA is coordinating institution of project which embraces partnering theological and art universities from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. Members of the academic ECTA network discussed contents of the Proceedings as well […]

Visiting Orthodox Academy of Crete

Rector of LChrA Dr S.Gūtmane, Icon painter B.Soloveja and assist. prof. G.Dišlers visited Orthodox Academy of Crete in August 18. Perspectives of cooperation between the two academies were discussed with the head of the Institute of Theology and Ecology, OAC, Dr Lucas Andrianos, and visit of the General director of OAC Dr Dr Kenanidis Konstantinos […]

EZA – ETOK Seminar in Tallinn (Estonia)

In May 19 – 21, 2012, an EZA seminar „Increasing the role of social partners and employees in implementing the Europe 2020 strategy” was held in Tallinn by NGO „Estonian Centre for Work-Related Questions”. Latvian Christian Academy was represented by assist. prof. Guntis Dišlers (presentation „Some important aspects of Social Economy – concept development in […]

New book on Christian art

Project presentation album „Intercultural Dialogue: Sacred Elements of the European National Art” has been published by Latvian Christian Academy with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union. Various trends of sacred art have been analyzed in Icon painting, graphics and modern painting, also tendencies in different Christian confessions are described. The book […]

“Eastern Church Fathers” in Latvian

In June 2 two books were presented to journalists and audience – the first full edition of the Prayer book in Latvian language and the fundamental research on heritage of Eastern Church Fathers written by well-known Russian theologian Georgy Florovsky (1893-1979) in 30-ies, 20th century. Both books were published by Latvian Christian academy with blessings […]