U-Multirank Institutional Rankings

On the basis of quality intetnationalization, ECA has been granted a certificate of the Agreement on good practice in attracting foreign students and providing studies, which was concluded between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Academy. The agreement stipulates that the Academy undertakes to attract foreign students, to promote a positive image of the country of Latvia and to promote the international recognition, quality and competitiveness of Latvian higher education through its activities. ECA has undertaken to provide data on its activities in the European Union university comparison platform U-Multirank Institutional Rankings.

According to the international university ranking “U-Multirank 2021” Latvian Christian Academy is ranked among the seven best universities in Latvia. This year, the ranking includes information on 1948 higher education institutions from 97 countries. From Latvia 21 higher education institutions participated in the ranking (comparison of Latvian universities).

ECA has obtained nine higher (A) rankings in the evaluation of institutional studies in the following areas in the comparative approach rating of Latvian higher education institutions U-Multirank 2021: Teaching & Learning (two A grades), Research (one A grade), Knowledge Transfer (three A grades), and International Orientation (three A ratings).

U-Multirank is an international ranking with an alternative approach to university comparison, allowing users to create their own personalized ranking according to their preferences. U-Multirank differs from other rankings in that it does not form a table of the best places, but allows you to compare institutions with a similar institutional profile. U-Multirank was proposed by the European Commission, and in 2014 the first results of the U-Multirank ranking were published, covering around 850 universities from 74 countries. The number of universities rated in the ranking is growing every year, and in 2021, when the rating was published for the eighth time, 1948 universities from 97 countries took part.

LCA has been included in the U-Multirank ranking since 2019. In the past 2020, seven A-grades were obtained in the institutional study assessment in the following areas: Teaching & Learning (two A grades), Research (one A grades), Knowledge Transfer (two A grades), and International Orientation (two A grades).

Recent LCA ratings in the U-Multirank Intstitutional Rankings

U-Multirank ranking assesses the performance of universities against more than 30 different criteria, grouped into five areas of activity: 1) Teaching & Learning, 2) Research, 3) Knowledge Transfer, 4) International Orientation, and 5) Regional Engagement. The performance of higher education institutions in each criterion is assessed on a scale from A (very good) to E (poor).

Latvijas Kristīgā akadēmija – starp septiņām labākajām Latvijā! U-Multirank 2021 (in Latvian) [LCA – among 7 best universities in Latvia! U-Multirank 2021]