Seminar on Ecotheology and Humanities from Methodology Perspective

Interdisciplinary research seminar for students on “Climate Changes Europe-2030 and Humanities” was held in May 2020. Lecturers and researchers of Latvian Christian Academy and Interdisciplinary Research Institute intrudeced the audience with the use and benefits of the innovative Integrative Theology methodology.

International seminar for students on “European Sacred Art Heritage for Social Europe of Hope”

An international seminar (online) for students “European Sacred Art Heritage for Social Europe of Hope” was hosted by Latvian Christian Academy in March 20, 2020. Art department students presented four reports which won special Award in the Competition “Best Research paper in 2019”. The seminar was attended by Klaipeda Art College (LT), Orthodox Academy of Crete (GR) with presentations on Ecology issues reflected in Art.

EC EZA General assembly and Kick-off seminar in Aachen

General assembly of the EC organization EZA (“European Center for Workers’ Questions”) was held in November 28-29, 2019, Aachen Germany. It was dedicated to social changes related to Climate Changes worldwide (link to various EC documents here; link to EZA page here here. The Assembly and Seminar was attended by Rector of Latvian Christian academy prof. Skaidrīte Gūtmane and Guntis Dišlers.

IXE “Initiatives of Christians for Europe” group seminar in Bonn

The annual seminar of the IXE group affiliated to “Semaines Sociales de France” was held in September 18-20, 2015 in Bonn. Three main issues were discussed: creating website for IXE group, topical issues of the Climate change and the burning issue of refugees in Europe. LChrA was represented by its rector prof. S.Gūtmane and […]

„Academic Proceedings – 3”

The 3rd volume of Academic Proceedings of Latvian Christian academy was published in late August under the title „Climate Symbols in Theology and Art”. The volume contains materials of the NORDPLUS Higher Education project (2010 – 2012; the project continues in 2013) on interaction between ecology, theology and art, and its authors come from partnering […]

Opening of the NORDPLUS exhibition in the parish house of the St. John Church, Old City Riga

In April 26 an art exhibition dedicated to the international NORDPLUS Project „Climate Symbols in Art and Theology” was opened in the parish house of the St. John Church in Old City Riga. Art works from Latvia, Lithuania and Finland are exhibited. Visitors attending the intensive course week at the Latvian Christian Academy are welcomed! […]

International interdisciplinary NORDPLUS conference „Climate Symbols in Art and Theology” in April 23-24, 2012

International interdisciplinary conference „Climate Symbols in Art and Theology” was held at Latvian Christian Academy in April 23-24 in cooperation with specialists from Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Latvian Fund of Nature, Latvian Institute of Hydro ecology, Faculty of Biology, Latvian University, and Latvian Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church in Latvia, and […]

Recollection Ecology and Theology in April, 2012

Ecology, protection of natural environment is among most serious issues today. It is widely discussed by both “green” movements and politicians alike, no wonder, that the Church has its say too. Since mid-20th century ecotheology, relationships between God the Creator and creature, is part of the “Social teaching of the Church”. Discussions were led by […]

NORDPLUS meeting in Tartu, Estonia

The annual administrative meeting of the international NORDPLUS project „Climate Symbols in Theology and Art” was held in Tartu, Estonia, September 29-30. LChrA is coordinating institution of project which embraces partnering theological and art universities from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. Members of the academic ECTA network discussed contents of the Proceedings as well […]

NORDPLUS IP course „Rethinking Climate Change: Arts and Theology”

An international IP course „Rethinking Climate Change: Arts and Theology” was held at the Latvian Christian Academy in March 14-18 with participants from art universities of Finland, Norway and Lithuania besides LChrA. Students acquired penetrating knowledge about the use of Climate symbols in the history of European art and its theoretical foundations from various perspectives, […]