High quality education

European Christian academy offers high-quality education. We cherish strong connection internatinally through networks of Universities, through European Commision’s organizations such as European Center for Workers’ Questions, Semaines Sociales de France, IXE-group, International Diaconate Center and other international organizations.

We use innovative teaching and learning methods with research-led courses. We have execcelt staff consisting of academic authorities, committed to strategy of ECA. This is reflected in U-Multirank University Rankings-2021 among seven the best Latvian Universities.

Study programs are research-based and organized within an innovative interdisciplinary framework. The programmes are flexible and use state-of-the-art ICT tools.

Quality assurance system works regularly on auspices of Senate and International Advisory Board:

  • Clearly stated discourse of goals and development of the University,
  • Effective management,
  • Strategic Development based on regular foresight planning approved by the International Advisory Board,
  • Interdisciplinarity in research and study programs,
  • Innovative IT methodology in Social field study programs,
  • Academic theology serves as an instrument for methodological innovation and analyzing European Social Policy Agenda,
  • Academic body works in international research and and educational consortiums (development of doctoral studies through consortiums),
  • Culture of financing is based on quality performance,
  • Student-focused education.

Vision of teaching and learning at the Academy.

ECA updated its vision of teaching and learning through 30 years regularly by fulfilling Plan for Strategic Development and Quality Assurance.

Quality assurance instruments:

  • Evaluation meetings. Discussions take place in an atmosphere of shared ownership, opportunities for improving study programs are analyzed regularly. Study course programs are updated every 2 years (bibliography).
  • Evaluation of the quality of education – students’ surveys.
  • Discussions between employers and graduates (alumni association, employers’ associations).
  • Analysis of different forms of studies. Study department uses this tool to find suitability for each student.
  • Examination quality analysis after each semester.
  • Plan for research and innovation policy approved by thye Senate and developed for 5 years. Four strategic objectives – interdisciplinary research, development of the client-oriented social work on interdisciplinary basis, development of innovative research methodology for social work, providing translations of anthropological texts of the Eastern Orthodox Church fathers.

Quality monitoring:

ECA has Quality Assurance Council reelected every 3 years.

Quality performance is assesed following 3 conceptual points:

  1. Objective quality (students, staff, administration),
  2. Relative quality concept (analysis of each study program, every department, etc. role in the corporate quality measurment system),
  3. Concept of purposeful reaching quality goals (culture of internationalization, academic performance on national and EU scale).

Starting from the beginning of the Academy’s work we were going for high quality education standards and we were recognized for this standard by European Commission. One example: