NORDPLUS Higher Education 2022 Application guidelines of the project “THE SOCIAL DILEMMAS OF GREENER FUTURE”

A Greener Future has become one of the most important concerns globally. The Newtwork aim to equip social work study programs (Bac/Mag) with relevant skills to expand knolwedge connected with Greener Future. To do corporate actions in teaching an integral approach to Greener Future from natural, social, political, humanitarian, axiological, and practical social work perspectives.

Objectives are:

  1. “Environmentalization” of education of social workers,
  2. Innovative tools – Science Theater as a form of social learning,
  3. Intensive Course using innovative Methodology of Integrative Theology.

Intensive Course:

March 2023 – held in European Christian Academy.

  1. Introduction. “Tell me what you think about the environment”. Students express their values using calligraphy (led by George van Durtanosky, Germany). What is European; wjat is global; what is spiritual and value-lead attitude to the God’s created world?
  2. Narrative insurgency to look for common Nordic/Baltic goodness. Roadmap of risks. Empowerment for others.
  3. Cognitive imperatives on green future. Nordic/Baltic psychological and social dilemmas. Key policies on environment 2050.
  4. Circular Economy. Model for sustainability in the use of resources. Ethical choices for humanity.
  5. Social dimensions on greener future. Strategic Foresight for social workers.
  6. Outputs: Discussion on “Rethinking the Environment Future” (COP26).