Icon exhibitions in Riga and Skulte

Society “Latvian Iconographers” gathers graduates from European Christian Academy, its core are twelve most gifted young artists. They have opened exibition in Skulte ev. lutheran Church in outskirts of Riga presenting diversity, harmony and beauty of Iconographic ornaments. Authors – Agnese Vasiļevska – also our teacher at the Academy, Evija Rudzīte – very talented and […]

Students’ conference on Biblical arts

We are approaching the end of the study year, and in May 20, 2024. the annual students’ conference at the Academy was held on “Semantics of the Church art”. Very interesting presentations – “Hierotopy and interior of the church building”, “Hierophany and hierotophy”, “Theory of perception of perspective by R.Raushenbach”, “Linear and reverse perspective”, “Proportion […]

Icon exhibition in Riga

Following Easter we are moving towards Pentecost day, often call the “birthday of Church”. Jesus says to His disciples: “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you” (John ev. 14:26). Holy Spirit reminds […]

New books on Iconography

By the initiative of the Publish house “Neputns” two books have come out on Iconography, its history and meaning: “History of the Icon painting: 6th – 20th centuries)” and “Icon: from the Ancciet Rus to Latvia”. These are really unique publications, the first in Latvian language in academic setting. The world of icons is like vast universe attracting special; attention by those who know the art and researchers as being spiritually profound and rich in history. Staff of the Academy also took part in preparation of the publication: Juris Jefuni, Evija Rudzīte and Guntis Dišlers.

Icon exhibition in Easter

During easter time, 2023, (April – May) an Icon exhibition was open for visitors at European Christian Academy. Icons were painted by both students and staff, visitors could oberve the icon painting (“writing”) process, take part in workshops lead by icon painter Olesya Aboliņa.

Calligraphy for incoming ERASMUS+ students

Beginning form March 17, 2023, students from abroad will attend academic masterclass in Iconography and Calligraphy (within the “Bible ARt” study program). The masterclass wil be run by DrHC George v. Durtanossky (Germany). Students will attend professional workshops, visit Department of Ancient Manusripts and Rarities at Latvian National Library, where they will do practical part of the masterclass. The course will last 3 months.

Exhibition of Icons in Balvi Center of Sacred culture

We welcome to attend the Icon exhibition of Orthodox Icons painted by young artists, graduates from European Christian Academy. The exhibition is open in Balvi city, Center of Sacred culture, from January 30 till March 25; meeting with artists is scheduled for March 25. Iconography is rarity today, and graduates of the Academy keep the […]

Icon Painting Summer School – August 2020!

Latvian Christian Academy in AUGUST 10-16, 2020, organizes SUMMER SCHOOL IN ICON PAINTING to go through all phases of Icon painting starting from preparation of the Icon board until the final varnish of the ready painting. Summer School provides theoretical and practical basis for canonical Icon painting.
Date and venue: August 10-16, in Jūrmala (Latvia), Bulduri (address: Vienības prospekts 23), in the premises of Latvian Christian Academy.
Training fee: 250 EUR + materials.

Excursion of art students to unique monasteries in Pskov

Students of the Biblical art study programme together with their teacher, Icon painter K.Tambovskaya, visited the world-famous monastery in Pechori (Pskov, Russia). They visited the Kremlin, its splendid Cathedral of St. Trinity, churches of John the Baptist and St. Basil the Great, and historical reservation of the old Russian architecture “Поганкины палаты”. They saw icons […]

Dedication of the Icon of the Holy Family at Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Riga Old City .

Studies at Latvian Christian academy are attended by Roman Catholics, Orthodoxes and Lutherans. One of the students, Laura Valle, being Roman Catholic, has made a research in the history of iconography of the Holy Family, painted an icon and defended her Bachelor thesis in Arts this spring. Icon was conceived as a gift to the […]