International cooperation

Precious memories and benefits from archaeological expeditions in the Holy Land

In May 27, 2024, we gathered in the “Byzantine cabinet” at the Academy around memories from archaeological expeditions in the Holy Land, started 30 years ago. It was in 1944 when staff and students of the Academy were invited to join unique archaeological expeditions first in Emmaus / Latroun followed by digs in Geshur. Expeditions […]

Discussion about Sustainable Development Goals between specialists from different universities

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) deal with questions related to to the need to integrate topics of community social work practice in Social work education. In the context of the Social Work Month several analytical articles are being created and discussed together with academic from the VID Specialized University (Norway) and Klaipeda University (Lithuania). In the focus of attention – already achieved and current values in Social entrepreneurship in the European Union and their special role for specification of the social work tasks in implementing of the European Social Policy. Valuable discussions, valuable sharing and very fruitful cooperation between universities!

World Social Work Day was at European Christian Academy

In March 13, 2024, the World Social Work Day was celebrated at European Christian Academy. The theme year is “Buen Vivir: Shared Future for Transformative Change”, which is rooted in the Global Agenda and emphasises the need for social workers to adopt innovative, community-led approaches that are grounded in indigenous wisdom and harmonious coexistence with nature. The approach resonates with social work values. Today social work needs new approaches, action platforms, and social workers must be informed about the meaning of the indigenuous wisdom. New ways are necessary to lift the micro level social work on the level of the mezzo and macro social work and bridges between micro and macro practice should be built and envisaged in structural changes. The principle Buen Vivir is important today when we must jointly build an eco-social world. It means harmonious, balanced life concept rooted in anthropology and ethical values: mutuality and solidarity with the world, with everything that is above, under and next to us – participation; understanding how elements of reality match each other harmoniously; supplementing with care for diverse opinions.

This is exactly what the Academy does by offering social workers ancient knowledge about clients – created by God in the first place who are in need for mutuality, respect. Thank you all participants! Thank you for your presentations, discussions and joy to be together!

Appreciation of the work done at the Academy and by prof. Skaidrīte Gūtmane

Rector of European Christian Academy prof. Skaidrite Gūtmane has received Letter of the Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church, in December 8, 2023. The Letter is an exclusive sign of appreciation after 30 years of both research and educational work carried out at the Academy since 1993, especially in the […]

Meeting of the NORDPLUS networking organization “WE-THINK” in Klaipeda University

Participants of the NORDPLUS netweorking organization “WE-THINK” gathered for meeting in Klaipeda University, November 27-29, 2023. Representatives from European Christian Academy (LV), Klaipeda University (LV) and VID-Specialized University (NO) joined to work out the Intensive course program for master degree students in social work and social entrepreneurship “Accelerating social entrpreneurship for social sustainability”.

“Baltic Info Days-2023” in Vilnius

ERASMUS+ coordinators gathered for “Baltic Info Days-2023” in Vilnius, Lithuania, in November 21-22, dealing with international dimension of the higher education. Development and implementation of innovative ideas through centralized actions in the higher education was preseneted by the Mr. German Bernal Rios (EC). Centralized actions aree carried out also by European Christian Academy. ECA was […]

EZA seminar “Ready for AI? – The world of work in the upcoming revolution”

An international seminar “Ready for AI? – The world of work in the upcoming revolution” was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, November 23-24, 2023. Experts from various EU countries discussed topical issues related to AI and challenges for humanity in the fast changing situation across the globe. The seminar was introduced by President of EZA Luc […]

Inter-universities’ meeting to discuss joint master study programs

Meeting with faculty from European Christian Academy (LV), St.Ignatius Loyola University of Applied Sciences (LT), VID-specialized University (NO) was held in November 14. 2023. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss piloting project for two joint master study programs: “Audit of social services” and “Accelerating Social Entrepreneurship”. Faculty members evaluated quality of the piloting […]

International seminar dedicated to Caritative social work

A 3-days international seminar dealing with problems of Caritative social work was held in October 31 – November 2, 2023. Following topics were discussed: 1) inter-cultural communication and role of values in the development of Caritative social work in the 21 century; 2) practice of the Caritative social work education in different countries; 3) research […]

Positive evaluation of ther NORDPLUS HE project

The Academy has received positive evaluation of the NORDPLUS HE 2023 project “WE-THINK: Accelerating Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainability”. The project is executed by the inter-universities consortium platform “WE-THINK” consisting of ECA (head of the consortium). VID University (Norway) and Klaipeda University (Lithuania). The goal of the consortium is to create master study program due to […]