Study programs are mutually complementary and integrated in three main aspects:

  1. By innovations in education and research,
  2. By Judeo-Christian anthropological discourse and methodology of Integrative theology and other epistemological methodologies,
  3. By integration of the ECA study programs in the European Social Agenda.

Overall aim of study direction “Social welfare”, “Theology”, Arts” is to:

  • Methodologically encompass European Social Agenda and European Social Dialogue in unity with European Christian foundation regarding understanding of personality;
  • To develop critical reflection and critical dialogue, as well just attitude towards diversities;
  • To provide for hermeneutical analysis in the context in the Orthodox theology and anthropology;
  • To provide interdisciplinarity between the Orthodox theology, anthropology, understanding of beauty and personality, thus mastering interdisciplinary research skills.

European integration studies was at the focus from the very beginning of European Christian Academy.

European Christian Academy works for Jean Monnet Excellence Center and European Integration Dimension following European Social Agenda. Why?

Because in May , 2017 European Christian academy was awarded with ERASMUS+ “Jean Monnet Module” Plaque from EC EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency). European Commission’s Agency states: “The purpose of this plaque is twofold. It serves primarily as a label signifying quality in European integration studies and represents the achievements of your Jean Monnet Module in this field. At the same time it also provides visibility for the Jean Monnet Action, presenting it as focal point within and outside your institution for the promotion of European issues.” The Module title at Latvian Christian academy is “European Social Entrepreneurship with the Future”.

The Module title is “European Social Entrepreneurship with the Future”.


European Christian Academy offers:

Bachelor studies:

Master studies:

Interdisciplinarity is the key for developing good solutions in future!

European Christian academy is European center for research and higher education which offers innovative ways to master modern professional knowledge without cutting off ties with spiritual roots of European Christian heritager. Our graduates work with people, run various offices and projects, and this is why professional knowledge and skills is offered along with value-oriented teaching.

European Christian academy is a member of ERASMUS Universities Charter; it has built wide-spread net of cooperation and students’ exchange with universities in Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Greece as well as with EC research centers of social issues (EZA, Semaines Social de France, IXE Group etc.). Students take advantage of ERASMUS mobility for extended studies and field works.

  • Study programmes (bachelor and master) “Caritative social work / Client-oriented social work” were awarded with the highest mark as “sustainable”,
  • Study programmes (bachelor and master) “Theology” were awarded with the highest mark as “sustainable”,
  • Study programmes (bachelor and master) “Biblical art” were awarded with the highest mark as “sustainable”,
  • Study programme (master) “Social business administration” was awarded with the highest mark as “sustainable”,

Strength of the Academy lays in the following:

  • Internationalization,
  • Well-functioning internal quality assessment system,
  • Research based teaching,
  • Research based final papers by students,
  • Supportive study environment.

Interdisciplinarity is the key for developing good solutions in future!

Before applying for studies please read about thew Risk management and quality assurance system at the Academt that makes your studies safe and pleasing!