„Academic Proceedings – 3”

The 3rd volume of Academic Proceedings of Latvian Christian academy was published in late August under the title „Climate Symbols in Theology and Art”. The volume contains materials of the NORDPLUS Higher Education project (2010 – 2012; the project continues in 2013) on interaction between ecology, theology and art, and its authors come from partnering […]

Presentation of books

Two books by Latvian Christian Academy were presented in December 8, 2009: „Proceedings of Latvian Christian Academy, Vol. 2” and Project presentation album „Intercultural Dialogue: National Elements of the European National Art”. Both books were made possible due to financial support of the EC and they mark the end of respective projects. Various aspects of […]

New book on Christian art

Project presentation album „Intercultural Dialogue: Sacred Elements of the European National Art” has been published by Latvian Christian Academy with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union. Various trends of sacred art have been analyzed in Icon painting, graphics and modern painting, also tendencies in different Christian confessions are described. The book […]

“Eastern Church Fathers” in Latvian

In June 2 two books were presented to journalists and audience – the first full edition of the Prayer book in Latvian language and the fundamental research on heritage of Eastern Church Fathers written by well-known Russian theologian Georgy Florovsky (1893-1979) in 30-ies, 20th century. Both books were published by Latvian Christian academy with blessings […]

Complete Prayer Book published in Latvian

Latvian Christian Academy has published the first full edition of „Prayer Book” in Latvian. The translation was done using Greek originals, and this is the result of cooperation between the LChrA and the Church. Basic conformity regarding translation of basic terms in Latvian was achieved thus marking new step in theological clarity of Orthodox approach. […]