Recognition of Foreign Diplomas

The academic recognition is necessary, if the student has a foreign diploma and wants to continue studies in Latvia. After applicant submits the application to LCA, his previous education documents (Diploma and Diploma supplement or Transcript of records) are being forwarded to the Academic Information Centre (AIC) for diploma recognition. AIC evaluates the level of qualification compared to Latvian educational system and gives recognition statement. Academy makes the decision on admission based on the statement issued by the AIC. In case AIC does not issue a positive academic recognition of previous education documents, LCA keeps the rights to terminate the application.

For recognition, following documents must be submitted to AIC: 1) application (sample application for private persons – see the document); 2) a copy of ID document;  3) education document (Diploma, Certificate, etc.) and its supplement (Transcript of records).

Cost for recognition of foreign diploma – 41.00 EUR. More information on the AIC functions, education system in Latvia, education documents can be found in AIC webpage.