Latvian Christian academy enrolls students in the following State and European accredited study programmes (which all have been accredited in for maximum duration):

Bachelor studies:

Master studies:




“Bible Art”, Bachelor 5000
“Bible Art” Master 5500
“Theology”, Bachelor 3000
“Theology”, Master 3500
“Caritative Social Work”, Bachelor 3000
“Caritative Social Work”, Master 3500
“Social Work”, Professional programme, 2nd level 3000
“Social Business Administration, Professional Master 3500
“Supervision”, Master 3500

Regarding terms of enrollment, study fees and other questions please contact Study department:
e-mail akademija@kra.lv, phone +371 29266532; +371 67753360.


 Documents needed for the application procedure:

  • Application_Form_for incoming_students
  • Official legalised Matriculation / School Leaving Certificate including the grades (Academic Transcript). If You want to transfer studies at LCA you have to submit Certificate or other document of your previous study results
  • A document issued by the Academic Information Centre confirming the academic qualification obtained in a foreign country and recognition of it in Latvia
  • ID card (only for EU and EEA citizens) or copy of passport (for non-EU citizens, all filled pages)
  • Motivation Letter
  • Photograph
  • A copy of the check showing paid Application fee of 120 EUR (where the name of the applicant and the date of payment are indicated). Application fee is one-time payment for starting the application process to Academy, and will not be refunded.

All the documents have to be either in English or Latvian language. Subscription of the Notary for English and Latvian translations of documents may be required. The educational documents must be legalized with APOSTILLE. The applicant might be asked to submit additional documents*.

*In case you send documents, please, do not send any original certificates or authentications, as the received documents will not be returned.

Application fee: 120 EUR.

Application deadlines:

For Autumn semester: 1st of May. For Spring semester: 1st of October.

The autumn semester begins around the 1st of September. The spring semester begins around the 1st of February.

After the application:

  1. If your documents are correct and application is successful, you will receive the Conditional Acceptance Letter, which starts your application to studies at Academy.
  2. After receiving the Application fee, the Incoming Mobility Coordinator will send you the list of documents necessary for visa/ or residence permit application. NOTE that the Application fee is not refundable. The EU and EEA citizens do not need any visas
  3. Academy will prepare for you the Invitation for applying for residence permit/ visa regarding studies from Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. As Academy do not have dormitories, find your place of stay (residence housing) in Latvia for the period of studies and have a lease agreement/ rent contract with the owners, and send the address to Incoming Mobility Coordinator.
  4. For those needing residence permit, find the closest Latvian Embassy in your country or neighboring country and apply your documents for residence permit, allowing you to study in Latvia.
  5. Consider the time you need to approach the Embassy if it is not located in your country.
    • Send the Embassy invitation number and receive the appointment date for applying the documents.
    • Prepare the documents for submission for residence permit and apply. NOTE The educational documents must be legalized with APOSTILLE.
    • After application for residence permit, it takes a month for Migration Office to consider the application (more about visa and residence permit: https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/en/residence-permits-0#1
  6. In case of issuing residence permit/ visa regarding studies, plan your trip to Latvia.
    • Inform the Incoming Mobility Coordinator about your arrival dates.
  7. Pay the 1-year Tuition Fee in advance – before the beginning of study year. Application to studies is finished when applicant receives residence permit/ visa to Latvia regarding studies and has paid the 1-year Tuition Fee.
  8. Start your studies! The new academic year begins around the 1st of September.