G. Dišlers

Conference for teachers at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Rector of Latvian Christian academy prof. Skaidrite Gūtmane (“Elasticity of the Teenage Identity”) and ass. prof. Guntis Dišlers (“Application of the Narrative Therapy in Schools”) took active part in the conference for teachers from all over the country at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in October 25, 2019.

IXE “Initiatives of Christians for Europe” group seminar in Bonn

The annual seminar of the IXE group affiliated to “Semaines Sociales de France” was held in September 18-20, 2015 in Bonn. Three main issues were discussed: creating website for IXE group, topical issues of the Climate change and the burning issue of refugees in Europe. LChrA was represented by its rector prof. S.Gūtmane and asist.prof. […]

EZA seminar and celebration of the 30th anniversary in Brussels

EZA seminar and celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the organization titled “30 years of European Social Dialogue – Positive Achievements, Challenges and Future Development Prospects” were held in Brussels, March 3-4, 2015, and were attended by Rector of Latvian Christian academy prof. S.Gūtmane and assist.prof. G.Dišlers. Seminar discussions were run by specialists in European […]

CARITAS meeting in Riga

In September 28, 2013, volunteers of the Roman Catholic Church met in a seminar held by “CARITAS Latvia”. CARITAS ministers to orphans, sick and disabled people, and the elderly; the ministry is rooted in Social teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. The meeting was attended by rector of LCA prof. S.Gūtmane and G.Dišlers with introductory […]

Conference in Lithuanian University of Pedagogical Sciences

In September 20, 2013, a conference organized by the Faculty of Education, Lithuanian University of Pedagogical Sciences, titled “Education: traditions, changes, innovations” was held along with celebrations of the 70th birthday of the founder of the Chair prof. Vaidas Matonis. The conference was attended by rector of LChrA prof. S.Gūtmane (presenting the topic “Modern European […]

General assembly of “International Deaconate Center” in Velehrad, Czech Republic

The quadrennial General assembly of IDC (International Deaconate Center, Germany) was held in June 13-16 in Velehrad, where saints Cyril and Methodius are venerated for their mission in Slavonic world. Rector of LChrA prof. S.Gūtmane and ass.prof. G.Dišlers took part in it as full members. IDC deals with social ministry of the Christian Church, topical […]

International scientific conference in Klaipeda University, Lithuania, April 18-19, 2013

An international scientific conference „Features and challenges of social work professionalization” was held at Klaipeda University, April 18-19, 2013. Rector of LChrA prf. Skaidrīte Gūtmane presented the concept of Caritative social work at the plenary meeting, and lecturers G.Dišlers and V.Dolacis acted in workshops. Participants of the conference highly appreciated the presentation of the concept […]

Conference „Assessment of Mobility Achievements” in Vilnius, Lithuania

The conference of international exchange project ERASMUS, NORDPLUS etc. coordinators was held in November 13, Vilnius, Lithuania. LChrA was represented by the rector S.Gūtmane and G.Dišlers.

NORDPLUS administrative meeting in September 25-26, Tartu, Estonia

The 2nd phase of the international NORDPLUS project „Climate Symbols in Theology and Art”, administered by LChrA, was marked by the administrative meeting in Tartu, Estonia. Participants were introduced to the Proceedings of the Project, recently published by Latvian Christian Academy. G.Dišlers from the Academy thanked all contributors, characterized the contents of articles. Further steps […]

Participation in the 3rd World Congress of Latvian Scientists

Rector of LChrA prof. S.Gūtmane and assist. prof. G.Dišlers attended the plenary session of the 3rd World Congress of Latvian Scientists „Science, society and national identity” and visiting session of the European Academy of Science and Art in the Rundâle palace, in October 24. Also G.Dišlers took part in the workshop „Changes of Latvian cultural […]