Latvian Christian academy – in dealing with COVID

COVID-19 has dramatically influenced all our lives around the globe both personally and nationally. Virus has taken thousands around the world, creating psychological, social, economic crises. Latvian Christian academy has come up with several publications dealing with the issue and recovery beyond the pandemic:

Gūtmane S. Zināsim vairāk, izdarīsim labāk. [Knowing More, Doing Better], (journal “Sociālais darbinieks”, in print.)

Dišlers G. Vīruss pirms vīrusa. [Virus before the Virus], (in print).

Dolace D. Supervision Methods with People in Crisis. (in print).

In preparation:

Gūtmane S. Helpful of Harmful? The Role of Personality Traits in Student Experiences of the COVID-19 Crisis and School Closure.

Gūtmane S. Green Recovery Social Work policies for the COVID-19 crisis.

Dolacis V. COVID-19 and the Caring for God’s Creation Through Environmental Stewardship.