Institute of Interdisciplinary Research

Seminar on Ecotheology and Humanities from Methodology Perspective

Interdisciplinary research seminar for students on “Climate Changes Europe-2030 and Humanities” was held in May 2020. Lecturers and researchers of Latvian Christian Academy and Interdisciplinary Research Institute intrudeced the audience with the use and benefits of the innovative Integrative Theology methodology.

Rector of LChrA prof. S.Gūtmane in European Congress of Medical Rehabilitation

European Congress of Medical Rehabilitation (ESPRM) was held in Vilnius (Lithuania), May 3-5, 2018. Rector of Latvian Christian academy prof. Skaidrite Gūtmane participated with presentation “Role of Caritative Social work in the Holistic and Interdisciplinary Perspective of Rehabilitation”.

Institute of Interdisciplinary Research at LChrA registered

The State service of education quality has officially registered an „Institute of Interdisciplinary research at LChrA”. Consequently Latvian Christian academy is included in the State register of academic research institutions. The focus of the Institute research is on inclusion of both theological and patristic resources in research of current social and humanitarian issues as well […]