Conference on Sacred Art Heritage in Riga city environment

Academic conference on “Sacred Art heritage in the city environment, monuments and memorial places in Riga and Europe: Experience, practice and conclusions” was held in Riga, September 12-13, 2019. Priest. Jānis Dravants, lecturer at Latvian Christian academy, took part with presentation about “Symbols of the Orthodox Church in the Riga city environment”.

EZA seminar “Fairness: Development of new forms of work, self-employment and social protection in EU countries. Future of Work: Changes in Labour Relations” at Latvian Christian academy

Latvian Christian academy is partnering with EZA (European Center for Workers’ Questions, EC-Germany) since 2004 and hosts international seminars on topical issues of the European Social Agenda annually. Topic of the seminar held May 23-25, 2019, titled “Future of Work: Changes in Labour Relations”. We thank all participants of the seminar” Jelena Soms (EZA-Lithuania), prof. […]

An international EZA project seminar in April 24-25, 2014

EC organization EZA (“European Center for Workers’ Questions”) launches an international joint project “TU strategies to promote good labour relations in a changing industrial landscape” in cooperation with Latvian Christian academy, ACV-BIE (Belgium), CARTEL ALFA (Romania), RECHT EN PLICHT (Belgium), UNASM (Macedonia) and USO (Spain). The first seminar  titled “Criteriology aspects for quality assessment of […]