EZA seminar “Fairness: Development of new forms of work, self-employment and social protection in EU countries. Future of Work: Changes in Labour Relations” at Latvian Christian academy

Latvian Christian academy is partnering with EZA (European Center for Workers’ Questions, EC-Germany) since 2004 and hosts international seminars on topical issues of the European Social Agenda annually. Topic of the seminar held May 23-25, 2019, titled “Future of Work: Changes in Labour Relations”. We thank all participants of the seminar” Jelena Soms (EZA-Lithuania), prof. Elvyra Aciene (Klaipeda University, Lithuania), Aimar Altosaar (president of “The Golden League”, Estonia), and experts from Latvia – DrHC Pēteris Krīgers (member of European Economic and Social Committee), Dr.oec., academician Raita Karnīte (Latvian Academy of Sciences), Dr.oec. Oļegs Krasnopjorovs (sen.economist of dept of analysis of macroeconomics, Bank of Latvia), Mrs. Lidija Dārziņa (analyst of legal acts of the Latvian Government off.publ. “Herald of Latvia”), Mrs. Eva Selga (President of Latvian Ass. for People Management). The field trip took participants to the biggest IT company in the Nothern Europe VISMA. This measure is funded by the European Union (Proj. No. 21-09-18-AG).