Spiritual life

Spiritual life at Latvian Christian academy is featured by:

  • Morning devotions at the Chapel at 9.15 AM,
  • Evening devotions at the Chapel at 18.00 PM,
  • Recollections on various topics of spiritual growth meeting students’ interests – every semester,
  • Meetings and discussions with clergy of traditional Christian Churches about the role of the Church in the life of society,
  • Theoretical seminar “Anthropology of hesychasm” in the last Thursday of each month (for both students and teachers),
  • Visits to Orthodox monasteries and holy places (to Crete, Russia, Estonia etc.).

Christmas eve at the Chapel

In the December 18 eve lecturers, staff and students of the Academy gathered for prayer and fellowship at the end of the 2014. The audience was adressed by the Recytor of the Academy pro. Skaidrīte Gūtmane and fr. Andris Kravalis from the Roman Catholic Church. At the end the Christmas song “Silent night, holy night” […]

International conference “Church, Family, School”

In October 31, 2013, rector of LCA prof. S.Gūtmane participated in the XII international conference “Church, Family, School” organized by the Latvian Orthodox Church and held in the Conference hall of the Riga Minicipality. The conference was opened by Metropolite of LOC Alexander and Riga city mayor N.Ušakovs; it was attended  by the minister of […]

Recollection Ecology and Theology in April, 2012

Ecology, protection of natural environment is among most serious issues today. It is widely discussed by both “green” movements and politicians alike, no wonder, that the Church has its say too. Since mid-20th century ecotheology, relationships between God the Creator and creature, is part of the “Social teaching of the Church”. Discussions were led by […]

Recollections on Psalms in October 2011

Psalms and Church, reading of Psalms and chanting. Psalms and prayer, and praise. Recollections led by Mag.theol. M.Solovejs.

Prof. Alexei Osipov revisits Latvian Christian Academy in October 30, 2008

The Chapel was overfilled when the well-known theologian and lecturer A.Osipov from Moscow visited LChrA in October 30, 2008. He was taking part in the international conference „Church, Family, School”. Teachers, students, parish members and clergy came to meet professor. The meeting was opened by the Metropolitan of Riga and all Latvia Alexander. [nggallery id=82]

Recollections in September 26, 2008

Recollections were dedicated to the Church Year – its order, main feasts and liturgical traditions. Discussion about the Church Year were held by the priest of LOC Fr. Alexander Shabelnik.

Prof. Alexei Osipov (Moscow) visits Latvian Christian Academy in October 27, 2006

Well-known professor and lecturer Alexei Osipov from Moscow Orthodox Theological Seminary visited Latvian Christian Academy. His visit was organized within the frame of the international conference „Church, Family, School” organized by Latvian Orthodox Church and inviting guests from neighboring countries. The Chapel of the Academy was overfilled, his lectures are available on MP3 format records […]

Recollections in May 30, 2006

Teachers and students of the Academy met Fr Sergius Garklavs from Chicago, USA. He arrived in Latvia because of visit of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexius II in Riga. The family of Fr Sergius helped to save the world-famous icon of Mother of God „Tihvinskaja” during the WWII which returned home from the […]

Recollections in February 16, 2006

Revelation was the main topic to discuss in those Recollections. People are longing to receive some special revelations from God, even „right away and now”. The Church teaching is that after Baptism a long way starts, sometimes with difficulties when the neophyte learns the meaning of true humility, putting down his own will and submitting […]

Recollections in December 7, 2005

These were the last Recollections in this year, dedicated to veneration of saints in the Church tradition. Protestant churches don’t accept them, but in eldest denominations – Catholic and Orthodox – it is well known and venerated tradition. Especially the discussion went on about St Catherine, young and well-educated girl from Alexandria, who became martyr […]