Icon exhibitions in Riga and Skulte

Society “Latvian Iconographers” gathers graduates from European Christian Academy, its core are twelve most gifted young artists. They have opened exibition in Skulte ev. lutheran Church in outskirts of Riga presenting diversity, harmony and beauty of Iconographic ornaments. Authors – Agnese Vasiļevska – also our teacher at the Academy, Evija Rudzīte – very talented and serious artist working in classical manner, and Anna Zandberga-Šenke. The show is dedicated to Pentecost. Also we would like to remind that parallel to this exhibition there is another one in Riga Jesus ev. luth. Church, open till June 1. Both exhibitions testify that the work of artist serves God and His Holy Church. We rejoice in fact that our graduates keep canons of beauty and aesthetics very high by following standards elaborated in the Byzantine Orthodox Church. This is the most important task for artist today.