Faculty of health sciences, Department of social work of Klaipeda University celebrates its 20 years

The Faculty of health sciences, Department of social work of Klaipeda university (LT), headed by prof. Elyra Aciene, celebrated its 20 years in November 6, 2014, at the conference “Social dialogue as a potential for social work professionalisation”. The announcement states that “the beginnings of social work profession in Lithuania go back for two decades into the period of cardinal political and economical changes when social dialogue was of particular importance. On one hand, social work helped to create the fundamentals of social dialogue society focusing attention on socially vulnerable individuals. On the other, social work as a profession was created on the principles of constant social dialogue between supporters and opponents, pessimists and optimists. It is because of social dialogue that today we have systemic potential for social work professionalization in Lithuania. However it is important not only boast these positive results, but to project future perspectives. In current society traditional concept of dialogue is being transformed into triple structure which calls for polilogue. Thus it becomes important to constantly (re)construct the meanings of dialogue to enhance its potential.” Fruitful academic, scientific and spiritually enriching cooperation between Klaipeda University and Latvian Christian academy was honored at the conference. Assist. prof. Guntis Dišlers forwarded greetings from rector of Latvian Christian academy prof. Skaidrīte Gūtmane and presented the concept of “Social role of caritative social work”.