Semaines Sociales de France session in Paris

The 85th French „Social week” was held in Paris, November 26-28, organized by prestigious “Semaines Sociales de France”. The congress dealt with migration issues: „Migration: a future to build together”. The congress was opened by the President of SSF Mr. J.Vignon. Economic, sociological and philosophical aspects of migration were analyzed by European-level experts: Ph.Bernard, journalist of Le Monde; economists F.Heran and J. van Wizsacker, sociologist D.Schnapper and well-known philosopher Tz.Todorov. Latvian delegation included Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church Z.Stankevitch, priest A.Kravalis, rector of the Latvian Christian academy S.Gūtmane and assistant to the rector L.Ozola-Marcinkēviča.