Precious memories and benefits from archaeological expeditions in the Holy Land

In May 27, 2024, we gathered in the “Byzantine cabinet” at the Academy around memories from archaeological expeditions in the Holy Land, started 30 years ago. It was in 1944 when staff and students of the Academy were invited to join unique archaeological expeditions first in Emmaus / Latroun followed by digs in Geshur. Expeditions were hosted by the Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem, and supported by Israel Antiquities Authority. In the picture – Rector of the Academy is holding unique reliquy from those days – map of the Holy Land received from pro. Israel Flackenstein (Israel) and prof. Eero Junkaala (Finland). It was thrilling beginning of invaluable and unforgettable period in the history of the Academy when we were enriched by splendid interdisciplinary knowledge in archaeology, theology and art.