Annual EZA seminar at Latvian Christian academy

An international EZA (“European Center for Worker’s Questions”) seminar titled “The meaning of Social enterprises in Europe for promotion of employment and the role of worker’s organizations” was held at Latvian Christian academy in September 24-25, 2015. It was attended also by President of EZA Mr. Bartho Pronk; among experts were Norbert Klein (EZA), Sir Leen La Riviere (The Netherlands), prof. Elvyra Aciene and prof. Indre Dirgeliene (Klaipeda University, Lithuania). Presentations were offered by Vice-president of Latvian Academy of sciences acad. Baiba Rivža, Direktor of Institute of economics Dr. Ņina Linde, President of Latvian Free Trade Unions Ass. (LBAS) Mr. Pēteris Krīgers, assist. prof. of LChrA Juris Osis. Participants of the seminar visited social business institution “” and joined discussion with its head Mr. Fion Dobin. The seminar was well attended – instead of the planned 40 participants they were over 65, which testifies to great interest and motiviation.