European social policy

EZA seminar in Gdansk

EZA seminar “Breaking new ground – efficient organisation and design of educational measures to create added value in the social dialogue” was held in Gdansk, December 5-7, 20919. The venue was chosen with purpose – the building next to the Gdansk shipyard witnessed historical events of 1970 and 1981 when Polish trade-union “Solidarnošč” was founded and social dialog as we understand it today started. Historical Agreement between the Communist government and “Solidarnošč” opened doors for independent trade unions in the then Communist country. Latvian Christian academy was represented by Guntis Dišlers.

EC EZA General assembly and Kick-off seminar in Aachen

General assembly of the EC organization EZA (“European Center for Workers’ Questions”) was held in November 28-29, 2019, Aachen Germany. It was dedicated to social changes related to Climate Changes worldwide (link to various EC documents here; link to EZA page here here. The Assembly and Seminar was attended by Rector of Latvian Christian academy prof. Skaidrīte Gūtmane and Guntis Dišlers.

IXE-group has published Call for Action due to Europarliament elections

At the end of February, 2019. think-tank IXE-group of Semainers Sociales de France has published “Call for Acrion” before Europarliament elections in May this year. The Call was signed by various partners of the IXE-group, also by Latvian Christian academy. In the photo – meeting of IXE-group in Latvian Christian academy, October, 2017 (Chairman of […]

Priviledge to welcome Semaines Sociales de France think-tank IXE group in Latvia approved!

Meeting of the IXE think-tank group of the EC organization Semaines Sociales de France was held in March 24-26, 2017, in Versailles, France. The possible organization of the networking European Christian Convention was discussed for which the next meeting in scheduled in Berlin, May this year. Also the agenda fro the next SSF autumn session […]

EZA seminar “Social Dialogue as a Precondition for Social Work Professionalization in the Baltic States”.

In May 26-27, 2016, an annual international EZA Seminar “Social Dialogue as a Precondition for Social Work Professionalization in the Baltic States” was held at Latvian Christian academy (supported by EC). The goal of the Seminar – in times when the paradigm of social work undergoes changes it is necessary to sketch more precisely borders […]

EZA seminar in Milano, Italy, December 3-4, 2014

EZA (European Center for Worker’s Questions, EU) held its international seminar “Good professional education and tuition – future for young workers” in Milanio, Italy, December 3-4, 2014. Participants from worker’s organizations from Portugal, Spain, Romania, Poland, Germany and Italy discussed issues of professional education for young people in situation, when large numbers of unemployed in […]

IXE Group meeting in Brussels

The think-tank group meeting of the IXE Group, Semaines Sociales de France, was held in September 6-7, 2013, in Brussels. Topical social issues in Europe were discussed. Key analysists from EC participated in the meeting: G.Fisher, analyst of social issues and inclusion (EC); M.Cerutti, director of BUSINESS EUROPE; J.Vignon, President of Semaines Sociales de France; […]

17th Congress of RENOVABIS

In August 28-30, 2013, the 17th Congress of the Roman Catholic organization RENOVABIS was held in Freising, Germany; it’s title: “Free and solidary: Christians in responsibility for Europe”. The analytical session of the Congress was addressed by representatitive from Europarliament E.Brok, representative from COMECE S.Lunte, Cardinal of Munich and Freising Marx, delegates from European universities, […]

Study direction “Social welfare” accredited for 6 years

In July 3, 2013, Accreditation committee of Latvian Ministry of Education and Science awarded 6 years accreditation (till 2019) to the study direction “Social welfare” at Latvian Christian academy. The study direction comprises four study programmes: Caritative social work (professional bachelor), Caritative social work (professional master), Social work (2nd level professional study programme for those who have […]

International seminar on job creation and green economy, May 2-4, 2013

In May 2-4, 2013, an international seminar “EU job-rich recovery: job creation challenges in green growth and resource efficient economy in Europe using the example of the Baltic States”, organized by the LCrA and EZA (European Center for Worker’s Questions, Germany) was held at Latvian Christian Academy. The issue of green economy and its development […]