New-elected professors at LChrA

Last year there have been elected new professors in different spheres of science at Latvian Christian Academy. The leader of Graphic art workshop Mrs. Nele Zirnīte in November has been elected as professor at LCA in the field of arts – in graphic art.  The pedagogical qualification and active artistic creativity, its international context and relevance in the development of Latvian modern art of Nele Zirnīte has been recognized as “excellent” by Council of Professors of The Art Academy of Latvia. We also extend our warm greetings to our long-term university lecturers, doctors of theology Mr. Olafs Brūvers and Mr. Ilmārs Hiršs-Iršs who also have been elected as professors at LCA in the field of theology last year. We wish to our professors many years fulfilled with creative pedagogical and academic activities at Latvian Christian Academy!