Latvian Christian academy awarded with EC recognition

In June 3, 2014, in an official ceremony organized by the State Education and Development Agency (SEDA) Latvian Christian academy together with five other universities in Latvia was awarded with prestigious EC recognition vestige. ECTS Label is an honorary distinction showing that the institution applies ECTS correctly, both in terms of information published on the institution’s website and in terms of key ECTS documents for student mobility. “We are gratified for these Latvian universities which have shown excellent results on European level for what they receive those prestigious EC recognition vestiges. ECTS and DS are the key instruments for leveling and comparing of the study programmes and international recognition of results within the Bologna process framework. The award is very important not only for the awarded universities, it means a lot also to students and graduates. Fot such a small country as Latvia, knowing its historical situation, this is very important achievement and it testifies  to succesful intergration of  Latvian universities and higher education in the space of European higher educational in the process of implementation of requirements of the Bologna process in the higher education,” said Mrs Dita Traidās, Director of SEDA. Official SEDA information abaout awards is available here. EACEA information about awarded universities is available here.