Donation of Macedonian books to the National Library of Latvia

Celebrating  the 95th anniversary of the foundation of the National Library of Latvia (LNL), and 18 years of establishing diplomatic relations between Latvia and Macedonia, 133 special edition books on Macedonian literature in the English language were donated to LNL, in October 20, 2014. The donation  was initiated and presented by Mr. Georgy f. Durtanovsky, visiting professor at Latvian Christian academy (Calligraphy), on behalf of the Macedonian National Library and its director Ivan Zarov.  In his presentation speech  to the director of LNL Mr. Andris Vilks and audience he streesed the importance of citizen diplomacy along with the official one between the two countries, Macedonia and Latvia. These books “could be a bridge of friendship between our people, bringing the bilateral cultural cooperation forward to a higher level”. Mr. Georgy f. Durtanovsky is welcomed by Latvian Christian academy as an expert in unique art of Calligraphy and he is highly appreciated by both staff and students of the Academy.