IXE-group (“The European Experience”) seminar at the Academy.

An outing work seminar of the “European Experience” IXE-group, partnering with “Semaines Sociales de France”, was held at Latvian Christian academy in October 13-15, 2017. The seminar was opened by President of the IXE-group Mr. Jerome Vignon and prof. Skaidrīte Gūtmane, Rector of Latvian Christian academy. Seminar was attended by members of the group from France, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Catalonia, Czech Republic, Poland and UK. The first group discussion was addressed by Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church Jānis Pujats and fr. Pauls Kļaviņš; also meeting with Metropolitan of Latvian Orthodox Church Alexander was scheduled. Central topics of discussions: Further development prospects of Europe, its social and religious aspects, elections in France and Germany, BREXIT, change of attitude towards refugees, relations between Spain and Catalonia. IXE-group prepares recommendations for the Bishops’ Conference regarding debated political and social issues.