International conference – round table on issues of social dialogue in Latvia in april 18, 2009

Round table on issues of Social dialogue in Latvia was held in LChrA in April 18, 2009. It was organized by EUROMF and attended by Secretary general Mr. Bruno Machiels. Participants of the round table – Rector of the Academy Dr. Skaidrīte Gūtmane, Chairman of Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia Mr. Pēteris Krīgers, Vice-director of State Employment Agency Mrs. Anita Jākobsone, Chair person of the Department of Migration of Ministry of Internal affairs Mrs. Ilze Briede, the Head of the Financial committee of Latvian ev. luth. Church Rev. Artis Eglītis, Priest of Latvian Orthodox Church Oleg Pelevin. Discussions were focused around social policy in Latvia, social work and social services, as well as migration and social dialogue and its development in Latvia, which is tightly connected with one of the key study programmes at LChrA – Christian social work.