IDC 50th Anniversary congress in Rome, Italy.

International Deaconate Center (IDC, Germany) celebrated its 5oth anniversary in Rome, Italy, October 21-25, 2015, with 570 participants from 37 countries around the globe. Latvian Christian academy represented by Rector prof. Skaidrite Gūtmane and assist. prof. Guntis Dišlers. President of IDC prof. Klaus Kiessling took active part in the making of the concept of Caritative social work at LChrA and was awarded with the honorary title Doctor Honoris Causa; Latvian Christian academy is a member of IDC.  Various aspects of deaconal ministry – methodological, practical, spiritual, professional in relations between the State and the Church – were discussed, and Congress gave an unique opportunity to meet and to share with priests, permanent deacons, researchers and particioners from various countries. Rector of LChrA prof. S.Gūtmane addressed the Congress. The overview of the Congress proved topicality of the concept of Caritative social work at Latvian Christian academy.