Social dialogue and research of European social processes

Coordinators:, Dr.theol. Olafs Brūvers, Prof., Dr.philol. Skaidrīte Gūtmane;
Assistant prof. Dr.h.c. at LCA Pēteris Krīgers, specialist of social dialogue, former Secretary-General of LBAS (Latvian Confederation of Free Trade Unions); Dr.h.c. at LCA Roswitha Gottbehut, former Secretary-General of EZA (European Centre for Workers’ Questions, Germany)

Cooperation partners in research of social dialogue and European social processes:

  • EZA – European Center for Workers’ Questions (European Commission, Germany)
  • HIVA – Higher Institute for Labor Studies, Leuven University (Belgium)
  • ËTOK – Estonian networking organization of employers and workers
  • EUROCS – European Organization for Civic Responsibility (Belgium)
  • EUROMF – European Middle-Class Organization (Belgium)
  • EURFEDOP – European Federation of Public Service Employees (Netherlands)
  • IXE Group – Initiative of Christians for Europe (France)
  • Semaines Sociales de France, social dialogue organization (France)
  • LBAS – Latvian Confederation of Free Trade Unions (Latvia)
  • LSDIC – Latvian Educational Centre of Social Dialogue (Latvia)
  • LDF – Lithuanian Labor Federation (Lithuania)

Day of Social Dialogue.
EZA International seminars.
LCA, 2013-2018