International seminar on job creation and green economy, May 2-4, 2013

In May 2-4, 2013, an international seminar “EU job-rich recovery: job creation challenges in green growth and resource efficient economy in Europe using the example of the Baltic States”, organized by the LCrA and EZA (European Center for Worker’s Questions, Germany) was held at Latvian Christian Academy. The issue of green economy and its development in both EU and Baltic States was the key question for audience to discuss. Representatives from the Latvian Ministry of Economy, Latvian Free Trade Unions Ass., Confederation of Employers, Latvia, as well as from universities and research centers from Germany (EZA), Belgium (HIVA), Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia took part. Participants of the seminar visited Ogre Service Center where the team of Latvian specialists work on electro mobiles (tested in the Dakar Rally and Pike’s Peak, USA). Experts from EC stressed the novelty and creativity of the seminar in regards to involvement of participants and quality of information provided. Click here for see programme of the seminar.