EZA seminar „Employment Strategy in Europe: How Can Europe 2020 Strategy Be Implemented in the Baltic States?” in October 27-28, 2011

European Center for Worker’s Questions (EZA) collaborating with Latvian Christian Academy held an international educational seminar „Employment strategy in Europe: How can EUROPE 2020 strategy be implemented in the Baltic States?” It was developed in a challenging and mind-provoking discussion based on penetrating presentations by N.Klein from EZA, A.Altosaar from ETÖK, Estonia, P.Krīgers, Secretary General of Latvian Free Trade Unions Association, J.Stalidzāne, Chairwoman of the trade union “Energija”, I.Mikiško, Chairwoman of Education and Science Workers trade union, D.Dolace, LChrA, I.Indāns, political analyst, M.Saukāns, Chairman of the RBSSKALS building company, Chairman of the trade union of book making industry E.Rutkovskis, and others. A field trip to the international airport „Rīga” was organized.

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