European Integration development discussed in Siegburg, Germany.

Joint seminar of EZA (“European Center for Workers’ Questions”, Germany) and KSI (“Katholisch-Sozialen Institut”, Germany) was held in June 14-16, 2017, in Siegburg, Germany. The seminar was aimed at preparation of the next European Social Week and various issues of the European integration were debated – involvement of workers to promote European integration, social inclusion, future development of the tax system in EU countries etc. Among participants of the Seminar were Mrs. Jerome Vignon, President of “Semaines Sociales de France”, experts from EZA, deciding personalities from EC Economic and Social Comittee, researchers from various universities in Graz, Cologne, Leuven. Prof. Skaidrīte Gūtmane, Rector of Latvian Christian academy, was invited to take part in this think-tank discussion due to innovative concept of Caritative social work study division with integrated knowledge of Patristic anthropology.