Day of social dialogue with Baltic experts in the LCA in November 9, 2010

The seminar was held with financial support of European Commission and it had twofold goals: to analyze the new Latvian Government’s Declaration from the perspective of Lisabon strategy and to discuss the job policy in Europe and the place of Latvia in it. Seminar participants welcomed the former Eurocomisar Mr Partho Pronk – curator of Latvia when it was accepted as the EU member state. Among participants of the seminar were political analyst Mr Ivars Indāns (Latvian University) Secretary general of Latvian Free Trade Unions Association Mr Pēteris Krīgers, representative of Lithuanian Labor Federation Mrs Inga Preidiene, Mr Aimar Altosaar from ETOK, Estonia, key persons of several Latvian trade unions – chairwoman of the trade union „Energy” Mrs Jevgēņija Stalidzāne, chairman of the Trade Union of Agriculture and Food Industry Workers Mr Vladimirs Sokolovs, chairwoman of the Nursing and Health Care Personnel Trade Union Mrs Ruta Vīksna, chairwoman of the Medical Care Workers trade union Mrs Daina Brūvele. Discussion was moderated by chairman of the Trade Union of the Book Publishing Workers Mr Egils Rutkovskis.
Both politicians, representatives of trade unions and students of the caritative social work took part in discussions. The seminar was held in friendly atmosphere when answers to the key question: how to improve job policy in Latvia? – were sought for.

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