An international EZA seminar “Inclusive Labour Market and Youth Employment: Cross-European Analysis”

An international seminar “Inclusive Labor Market and Youth Employment: Cross-European Analysis” was held at Latvian Christian academy in cooperation with EC networking organization EZA (European Center for Workers’ Questions, Germany) in May 31 – June 2, 2018. Specialists from other Baltic States participated together with Latvian representatives (from the Ministry of Welfare, State Employment Agency and other); the seminar was moderated by Secretary General of EZA Mrs Sigrid Schraml and Mr Aimar Altosaar (The Golden League, Estonia). Participants of the seminar visited Latvian Parliament and had a meeting with the Chairwoman of the Social and Employment Matters Committee Mrs Aija Barča. – Latvian Christian academy is an EZA partnering organization since 2004.