Latvian Christian Academy has received full State and European accreditation without duration.

The Academy offers internationally assessed quality of studies in the study directions: "Art", "Theology", "Social Welfare".

All study directions have been assessed by the State and European accreditation experts in June 2013 and were awarded with the maximum duration 6 years (till 2019).

The Academyn offers the following European level accredited study programmes:

  • Academic bachelor study programme „Biblical art”,
  • Academic master study programme „Biblical art”,
  • Academic bachelor study programme „Theology”,
  • Academic master study programme „Theology”,
  • Professional bachelor study programme „Caritative social work”,
  • Professional master study programme „Caritative social work”,
  • 2nd level professional higher education study programme “Social Work”,
  • Professional Master study programme “Social Business Administration”.

Strength of the Academy lays in the following:

  • Well-functioning quality culture and quality assessment system,
  • Highly qualified academic staff,
  • Research-based and student-oriented teaching,
  • Innovation and uniqueness of the integrative theology method in research,
  • Supportive, international and no-nonsense study environment,
  • Studies available in Latvian, English and Russian languages.

Latvian Christian academy is member of ERASMUS University Charter.

Latvian Christian Academy is partnering with:

  • EZA (European Centre for Worker's Questions, Germany),
  • IASSW (International association of schools of social work),
  • ECAC (Continental Art Centre, The Netherlands),
  • EUROCS (Eeuopean Civil society organization, Belgium),
  • EC IXE group (Christian Initiatives for Europe, France),
  • Semaines Sociales de France (France),
  • IDC (International Deaconate Center, Germany),
  • Institute of Synergic anthropology (Moscow, Russia).