Academic information

Academic year

The academic year begins in September and is finished in the June, and is y divided into 2 semesters.

Autumn semester 2021: September 10, 2021 – December 17, 2021.

Spring semester 2022: January 10, 2022 – June 30, 2022.

Documents for application to studies are accepted: For Autumn semester: 31st of May. For Spring semester: 1st of October.

Closing of the enrolment competition: June 30 (for Autumn semester); November 1 (for Spring semester)

Credit transfer

For students coming with previous study experience, it is possible to transfer some of academic credits (by submitting the transcript of records and application). The programme director decides the level of studies that the student may enter and the amount of credits that can be transferred.

Grading system

In higher education system of Latvia there exists a ten-point grading system, where 10 is the maximum and 4 is the lowest pass mark. Grading system and comparison to ECTS grades are as follows:

Achievment levelGradeMeaningCorresponding ECTS grade
Very high10Izcili (With distinction)A
9Teicami (Excellent)A
High8Ļoti labi (Very good)B
7Labi (Good)C
Medium6Gandrīz labi (Almost good)D
5Viduvēji (Satisfactory)E
4Gandrīz viduvēji (Almost satisfactory)E / FX
Low1-3Neapmierinoši (Unsatisfactory)Fail

Academic leave

A student may apply for academic leave if difficulties or complications occur and you are not able to continue a normal course of study. Student must have passed one semester (20 credit points), before is eligible to apply for academic leave. NOTE that for non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens during the leave residence permit will not be prolonged.