Skaidrīte Gūtmane

IDC 50th Anniversary congress in Rome, Italy.

International Deaconate Center (IDC, Germany) celebrated its 5oth anniversary in Rome, Italy, October 21-25, 2015, with 570 participants from 37 countries around the globe. Latvian Christian academy represented by Rector prof. Skaidrite Gūtmane and assist. prof. Guntis Dišlers. President of IDC prof. Klaus Kiessling took active part in the making of the concept of Caritative […]

Annual EZA seminar at Latvian Christian academy

An international EZA (“European Center for Worker’s Questions”) seminar titled “The meaning of Social enterprises in Europe for promotion of employment and the role of worker’s organizations” was held at Latvian Christian academy in September 24-25, 2015. It was attended also by President of EZA Mr. Bartho Pronk; among experts were Norbert Klein (EZA), Sir […]

Concept of Caritative social work presented at the 2nd Forum of Latvian social workers

The 2nd forum of Latvian social workers was hosted by the recently built splendid Latvian National library in Riga, September 17, 2015. The Forum was attended by both practicioners and theoreticians of social work from Latvia and abroad and it was adressed by the President of Latvia R. Vējonis. The Forum was welcomed by […]

RENOVABIS 19th congress in Freising, Germany.

Rector of LChrA professor Skaidrīte Gūtmane attended the 19th international congress of the Roman Catholic Church organization RENOVABIS in Freising, Germany, in September 2-4, 2015. The topic of the congress was “Eastern European Youth future prospects? – Their outlook on life and faith”; it was held a year before the World Youth days, scheduled in […]

International conference on adolescence in Riga City Municipality

An international conference on social work with adolescents “Here I am – can you hear me?” was held in Riga City Municipality house, May 15, 2015. It was organized within the campaign “Help children upbringing in family!” by Social services agency  and Professional society for stepfamilies “Theresa”. Mass media offers even more information about young […]

EZA General assembly and kick-off seminar in Budapest

EZA (European Center for Worker’s Questions) held its General Assembly and kick-off seminar in Budapest, November 26-28, 2014. Latvian Christian academy has close cooperation with EZA, supported by EC, and its vast network in Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania since Latvia joined EU in 2004. Several international EZA seminars have been held at the […]

Faculty of health sciences, Department of social work of Klaipeda University celebrates its 20 years

The Faculty of health sciences, Department of social work of Klaipeda university (LT), headed by prof. Elyra Aciene, celebrated its 20 years in November 6, 2014, at the conference “Social dialogue as a potential for social work professionalisation”. The announcement states that “the beginnings of social work profession in Lithuania go back for two decades […]

Information on Latvian Christian Academy in Vatican journal “Il Nostro Tempo”

Overview of ecumenical situation in Latvia was published by the Vatican journal “Il Nostro Tempo” (November 2, 2014). Within this context an insightful interview with rector of Latvian Christian Academy prof. Skaidrīte Gūtmane is provided and the concept of the Academy is described.