ATTENTION: Latvian State scholarships for the Summer School at Latvian Christian Academy (July 11 – 21)!

ATTENTION: Latvian State scholarships for the Summer School at Latvian Christian Academy (July 11 – 21)!

Latvian Christian academy welcomes students and academics to attend the State supported Summer school in July 11-21, 2016, topic “Aesthetics of Latvian identity: Signs in sacred art”. Students will be introduced to  heritage of Latvian painter Janis Rozentāls (1866 – 1916) – his altar paintings are exposed in Lutheran churches around the country (Kurzeme and Riga), showing close links between the history of the nation during WWI and unique reading of the Gospel narrative. Summer school offers also visits to unique Barocco churches in Kurzeme. Participants of the Summer school will be awarded with Certificate (worth 3 ECTS). Applications are welcomed till May 4. The list of eligible countries is found here. For detailed information and Application form please click here! Detailed information in the State Agency of Education Development homepage. IMPORTANT! – SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENTS MUST COVER THEIR TRAVEL EXPENSES TO LATVIA.

Latvian Christian academy awarded with EC recognition

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In June 3, 2014, in an official ceremony organized by the State Education and Development Agency (SEDA) Latvian Christian academy together with five other universities in Latvia was awarded with prestigious EC recognition vestige. ECTS Label is an honorary distinction showing that the institution applies ECTS correctly, both in terms of information published on the […]

Public lecture of Cardinal Pietro Parolin.


Public lecture of Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of the State of Vatican, was held in Great hall of Latvian University, May 12, 2016. Cardinal presented the Latvian edition of Encylic “Laudato si” and his visit marked 25th anniversary of the renewed diplomatic relations between Latvia and Holy See and 95th anniversary since Holy See has […]

Students and graduates of LCA gather for the “Cabinet of Byzantine Anthropology”!


In March 1 – April 1, 2016, Cabinet of the Byzantine Anthropology was opened at Latvian Christian academy, inviting those who are interested, both students and graduates from the Academy, four times a year for sessions in cooperation with well-known foreign academics. Byzantine anthropology attracts interest both among theologians, philosophers and anthropologists; books and articles […]

Lectures of prof. S. Horuzhy at LChrA, March 31 – April 1.


In March 31 – April 1, 2016, professor S.Horuzhy (Institute of Synergic Anthropology, Moscow) lectured at Latvian Christian academy following invitation of the Academy. Prof. S.Horuzhy is well known in international academic circles of philosophers and anthropologists, as well as Orthodox theologians. His topic in Jurmala was “Hesychasm: its genesis, philosophical context, historic developmehnt and […]

Graduation ceremony, February 26, 2016.

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Graduation ceremony in February 26, 2016, was held at Latvian Christian academy, celebrating succesful defence of Bachelor works in Social work and Caritative social work study programs. Theses were dedicated to hot topics, reflecting reality of social life in Latvia (work with families bringing up children with disabilities, work with children suffering from sexual violence, […]

ERASMUS mobility visit from St. Ignatius Loyola College, Kaunas

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Dr. Laimutė Anužienė, Rector, and Egle Purvaneckaite, Business Development Manager of St. Ignatius Loyola College (Kaunas, Lietuva), visited Latvian Christian academy within the ERASMUS mobility programme. Dr. L. Anužienė is lecturing on “Christian values in Social care” for students of Latvian Christian academy (December 11 – 18), and E. Purvaneckaite has arrived for sharing good […]

Latvian Christian academy – the best in the international ERASMUS intensive programmes!


Latvian Christian academy was awarded with prestigious prize “Spārni 2015” (Wings 2015) as the best among Latvian Universities in the international Erasmus, Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig projects’ competition organized by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA) in December 9, 2015. Independent experts highlighted an international project managed by the Academy “Social economy, social […]

IDC 50th Anniversary congress in Rome, Italy.


International Deaconate Center (IDC, Germany) celebrated its 5oth anniversary in Rome, Italy, October 21-25, 2015, with 570 participants from 37 countries around the globe. Latvian Christian academy represented by Rector prof. Skaidrite Gūtmane and assist. prof. Guntis Dišlers. President of IDC prof. Klaus Kiessling took active part in the making of the concept of Caritative […]

Lectures for Social work students within ERASMUS+ mobility frame


In September 23-26, 2015, within the ERASMUS+ cooperation framework practice-oriented lectures “On Social work with Children and Adolscents” were given for Social work students by Evelina Daruliene and Ingrida Gailiene, lecturers from Kolping University of Applied Sciences (Kaunas, Lithuania).