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ERASMUS mobility visit from St. Ignatius Loyola College, Kaunas

Dr. Laimutė Anužienė, Rector, and Egle Purvaneckaite, Business Development Manager of St. Ignatius Loyola College (Kaunas, Lietuva), visited Latvian Christian academy within the ERASMUS mobility programme. Dr. L. Anužienė is lecturing on “Christian values in Social care” for students of Latvian Christian academy (December 11 – 18), and E. Purvaneckaite has arrived for sharing good […]

Sven Aasmundtveit Icon painting exhibition in Frederikstad, Norway

To those interested in Icon painting – an Icon exhibition by Sven Aasmundtveit will be open from December 13, in Galerie “Britania”, Fredrikstad (O.P. Petersensgate 4, 1607). Sven studied Icon painting at Latvian Christian academy together with fr. Alexander Shabelnik. Welcome!

Latvian Christian academy – the best in the international ERASMUS intensive programmes!

Latvian Christian academy was awarded with prestigious prize “Spārni 2015” (Wings 2015) as the best among Latvian Universities in the international Erasmus, Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig projects’ competition organized by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA) in December 9, 2015. Independent experts highlighted an international project managed by the Academy “Social economy, social […]