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EZA General assembly and kick-off seminar in Budapest

EZA (European Center for Worker’s Questions) held its General Assembly and kick-off seminar in Budapest, November 26-28, 2014. Latvian Christian academy has close cooperation with EZA, supported by EC, and its vast network in Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania since Latvia joined EU in 2004. Several international EZA seminars have been held at the […]

Lectures and seminars in supervision, November 23-29

Lectures and seminars on supervision related to Social and Caritative social work will be held at Latvian Christian academy by professor Indre Dirgeliene from the Department of Social work, Klaipeda University (Lithuania) in November 23 – 29, 2014.  

Faculty of health sciences, Department of social work of Klaipeda University celebrates its 20 years

The Faculty of health sciences, Department of social work of Klaipeda university (LT), headed by prof. Elyra Aciene, celebrated its 20 years in November 6, 2014, at the conference “Social dialogue as a potential for social work professionalisation”. The announcement states that “the beginnings of social work profession in Lithuania go back for two decades […]

Information on Latvian Christian Academy in Vatican journal “Il Nostro Tempo”

Overview of ecumenical situation in Latvia was published by the Vatican journal “Il Nostro Tempo” (November 2, 2014). Within this context an insightful interview with rector of Latvian Christian Academy prof. Skaidrīte Gūtmane is provided and the concept of the Academy is described.  

Donation of Macedonian books to the National Library of Latvia

Celebrating  the 95th anniversary of the foundation of the National Library of Latvia (LNL), and 18 years of establishing diplomatic relations between Latvia and Macedonia, 133 special edition books on Macedonian literature in the English language were donated to LNL, in October 20, 2014. The donation  was initiated and presented by Mr. Georgy f. Durtanovsky, […]

Latvian Christian academy awarded with EC recognition

In June 3, 2014, in an official ceremony organized by the State Education and Development Agency (SEDA) Latvian Christian academy together with five other universities in Latvia was awarded with prestigious EC recognition vestige. ECTS Label is an honorary distinction showing that the institution applies ECTS correctly, both in terms of information published on the […]

An international EZA project seminar in April 24-25, 2014

EC organization EZA (“European Center for Workers’ Questions”) launches an international joint project “TU strategies to promote good labour relations in a changing industrial landscape” in cooperation with Latvian Christian academy, ACV-BIE (Belgium), CARTEL ALFA (Romania), RECHT EN PLICHT (Belgium), UNASM (Macedonia) and USO (Spain). The first seminar  titled “Criteriology aspects for quality assessment of […]

Cooperation with Lithuanian Trade Union Conferederation

Latvian Christian academy has launched two-year international cooperation with Lithuanian Trade Union Conferederation and Center for public entrepreneurship and learning within the project “Posting workers: Enhancing administrative cooperation and access to information in the Baltic region” from March 1, 2014. Project coordinator – prof. Skaidrīte Gūtmane.

Diploma of LChrA – with EC Diploma Supplement Quality Label!

Diploma issued by Latvian Christian academy has been awarded with the quality hallmark of the European Commision executive agency EACEA (Diploma Supplement Quality Label). The decision was made following criteria prescribed by the document “ECTS DS Guidelines for applicants”.

Seminar from ERASMUS/ERASMUS+ coordinators

A two-days seminar for ERASMUS/ERASMUS+ coordinators from all Latvian universities and colleges was hosted by Latvian Christian academy in January 29-30, 2014, organized by the State education development agency. The seminar marks transition from the EC Life-long learning programme (2007-2013) to the new EC programme for learning and education, as well as in the field […]